Biscaldi Group

We have been operating in the beverage business for almost fifty years, and we can consider ourselves pioneers of innovation, thanks to our ability to identify successful brandsLe Dive di Biscaldi” and to offer new and interesting opportunities to the market.

In 1969 Mr. Luigi Biscaldi built up a small independent family business and since then we have progressively expandedbecoming over the years an international venture through the acquisition of other companies.

From the very beginning, we contributed to the history of Italian beverage through the achievement of important successes, which have seen the debut of both traditional and innovative products, without sacrificing quality and style.

We can proudly say that we import and distribute 360° drinksleveraging our field know-how and selecting brands from different countries around the world.

Our commitment to product research and the constant attention we have to market relations are the core values ​​of the Group.


In 1969 the history of Biscaldi Luigi Import Export Srl began. This is a successful reality in the Italian world of import and distribution of beers and drinks. The first product imported by the company was a German beer from the Dressler-Brauerei of Brema.


 In 1973 began the collaboration with Holsten Group of Hamburg.


The company grew thanks to major brands such as Eder, Fischer Gold and Urbock, becoming very quickly a company that makes customer service one of the strategic leverage of its success. We might add to this a particular ability to anticipate trends by identifying and selecting brands that would have enriched the Biscaldi portfolio over time.



The new millennium started with the fruitful collaboration between Biscaldi Group and the Japanese Asahi Brewery Ltd for the distribution of Asahi Super Dryabsolute leader in the ethnic channel and subsequently appreciated by consumers who love sought-after and quality productsBeers are the first passion of the Group and it is important to mention Budweiser Budvar, bohemian IGP beer, among the best premium lagers in the world. In these days, on the heels of the incredible fame of Ty Nant blue glass bottlewas born the idea to create a unique plastic bottle whose shapes evoke the movement of water.

Recent Years

In 2011 Biscaldi group received the offer to distribute in Italy Freixenet, the Catalan brand that produces the famous Cava, the best-selling sparkling-wine in the world. These years have marked a progressive growth of the range of natural and healthy drinks responding to the increasing request of consumers, always more aware of their own health. After the introduction of Vivaloewhich is an extraordinary product, 100% natural and directly obtained from  the pulp and the juice of Aloe Vera’s leaves, the group have recently started the distribution of Koh Coconut. Koh Coconut is 100% Thai coconut water, directly extracted from the nut; it is a natural isotonic that hydrates and reintegrates potassium and electrolytes in the body.

Recently Biscaldi enriched his selection of beers with a legendary American brand Pabst Blue Ribbon, a classic premium lager beer produced in Milwaukee following the best traditions since 1844. Lately the Group introduced in its portfolio a variety of specialities such as Badger, Englishtraditions beer, Brunehaut biological and gluten free, the Scottish award-winning super premium lager Kestrelthe Scottish craft beers Innis & Gunnall aged in oak barrels, and Kostritzer’s beers from the heart of Germany.



In 2017 Biscaldi group attended the European launch of the long-awaited New Yorker beera new modern and cosmopolitan product created to satisfy and meet the tastes and needs of global citizens.

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