Since 1969

Since 1969 our company has made known to the market brands that have marked the history of the beverage industry over the last 40 years, achieving important successes and presenting real innovations. The experience gained over the decades has allowed us to broaden our knowledge and today we can define ourselves as a 360 ° beverage partner.


The Divas

The search for innovative and quality products is a key value of the company which offers today to the italian market a wide range of brands, leaders in their own markets and from over 20 countries worldwide.

Arriva a Milano Pabst Art

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Cinque le location in giro per Milano dove “The Pabst Crew” firma i graffiti a tema americano Pabst Blue Ribbon. I muri (legali) sono stati taggati con la fantasia della giovane crew di Milano composta da Amedeo Malfetti,

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